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Travel advice

We’ve put together this travel checklist to help while you are here in Republic of Somaliland.

  • Find out about local customs and dress, behave accordingly and obey local laws there may be serious penalties for breaking a law that might seem trivial at home
  • Remember to always ask permission when filming, Be careful when taking photographs, videos or using binoculars. Such activities may be misunderstood, especially near military installations.
  • Check with your service provider to make sure your phone works abroad (unlocked)
  • Use your judgments when buying and eating food you’ve not prepared yourself
  • Respect the environment and don’t drop litters

Airport Tax

There is currently only an entry tax of $60 when flying to Somaliland, payable in US dollars.. 


 The government does take good care of its visitors. They want their guests to travel with an official scout.

 He assists you to pass the numerous checkpoints very easy though.

Snorkelling and diving

Somaliland Travel and Tourism Agency organizes snorkel and diving trips to Berbera.

There is a rich water world with turtles and an opportunity to see dolphins when you are lucky! There are also plans to organize trips to the Isle of Zeila for diving / snorkelling, The coastline around Berbera is spectacular!

Even more beautiful than other parts of Africa!

Flora en fauna:

Somaliland is not what you expect: one big dessert. It has many biotopes like mountains en forests.

After the raining season you will find a green coastline. But be aware there are also snakes like cobra’s and deadly adders.

So when you want to go for a walk put on your high shoes! It is paradise for camel lovers! There are more than one million of them throughout the country! There is also the wild impala, the dik dik, the

Oryx and the hyena can even find the leopard in the mountains.



Some of the Tour groups that we hosted in Somaliland

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  • Getting here

  • About Somaliland

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  • Famous Spots

  • City Sightseeing

Travel with Somaliland Tours

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