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Erigavo sightseeing

Erigavo is the administrative capital of Somaliland's Sanaag region, which has an estimated population of just over 250,000. The city, at an altitude of over 1,800 meters above the sea level, which is the mildest in that part of Somaliland.

Erigavo lies in northeastern Somaliland, at the bottom of the highest peak in Somaliland Surud about 2670 ft above the sea level. It is surrounded by very beautiful natural views like Mountain Daallo. There is a road which goes to the top of this high mountain. At the mountain's peak, one can see the sea as well as a tiny village called Mait about 60 km away. Sometimes the roar of leopards can be heard, for which the local people have many stories to share.

Some of the Tour groups that we hosted in Somaliland

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